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22 Aug

My blog post today is an actual comment that was made on my blog by my friend Stanna.  I am reprinting this with permission as It kinda rocked my world and made me think and consider differently than I ever have as a Christian. My friend is a beautiful example of Christ and a pretty dang good attorney if I might say so myself.  Stanna is VERY analytic and practical and is trained to read between the lines and analyze words or statements for unidentifiable truth or untruths that are not usually seen by the naked eye or understand by the black and white mind.

Thank you Stanna for encouraging me to be my authentic self and I too respect and love you for being your authentic self as well.  Bless you my friend.  Bless you!

Here is the comment to one of my posts:

You’re a courageous, Christian man, Chet.

Don’t let the modern-day pharisees “take your crown”.

Your authenticity and unwavering pursuit of God does far more to further the “Kingdom of God” and the “good news of the Gospel” than anything offered by hateful hypocrites. The most they can offer the world is a false notion that it’s better to hide our humanness than it is to be genuine and dependent upon God’s grace.

If God needs or wants you to change in any way, He’ll be the first to let you know! Like He told the anguished and conflicted Apostle Paul, however, He may simply tell you to rest knowing that His grace is sufficient for you.

In the interim, keep evolving into the liberated man whom God created you to be while simultaneously serving as the “light” (example of hope) for a hurting world that’s lost, in large part, due to false and hopeless teachings offered by pharisaic proponents of the Old Testament.

Whenever you can, try to remind the modern-day pharisees that Jesus put the OT in its proper place when he disparaged its core as being merely the man-made “law of Moses” – never once calling it “the Word of God”.

While Jesus said “I come not to destroy the law and the prophets but to fulfill them”, He was merely referring to the fact that there would be no need to literally eliminate the OT (nor any need to talk much about it anymore) once He could fulfill His goal of superseding the old law through His crucifixion and through His provision of the greatest commandment: simply to love God while loving people.

Also, don’t be deterred by certain hopeless and legalistic writings authored by the Apostle Paul. He wrote his Biblical letters from the standpoint of being a newly-converted, yet often-conflicted, longtime former pharisee. Paul even admitted in his writings that he struggled to reconcile his old pharisaic inclinations with the otherwise simple task of just accepting God’s grace.

All of the confusion, of course, began when Adam & Eve ate the fruit of the tree of “Knowledge of Good & Evil”. They gained “knowledge” in the form of an awareness of their flaws, but gained nothing with respect to intelligence or logical reasoning. Their first inclination was to look at themselves as being naked in a way that now warranted feelings of shame. Immediately, they thought “we’d better run and hide so God doesn’t see us like this”. Thus, they (and not God) created for themselves the first rule, law or “sin”: thou shalt not be naked in the presence of God. They reached this conclusion despite their long prior history of walking naked with God in the Garden everyday without it ever being a problem (either in God’s eyes or theirs). Have you ever wondered what might have happened that day if Adam had said to Eve, “Let’s act like nothing has changed and let’s walk naked with God like we always have”?! Unfortunately, their newly-gained “knowledge” caused them to assume false and judgmental things about what God is willing to accept.

Since Adam & Eve, there have been many (like Moses) who have fallen into this same trap of falsely assuming what God likes and rejects (and in turn what constitutes “sin”). Moses wrote a bunch of it down and even said it was “God’s laws/statutes”. We know that to be inaccurate because Jesus later told the pharisees that the law on divorce (purported by Moses to have been given by God) instead had come merely from Moses (a man). It’s no wonder that the pharisees were enraged when Jesus referred to the core of what they considered their holy scriptures as being merely “the law of Moses”!

This doesn’t mean that any of us should live recklessly. As we saw in the parable of “the Prodigal Son”, bad choices can lead to a lost inheritance and anguish (among other unpleasant outcomes). Despite the bad consequences that our misbehavior may yield, however, our loving Father endlessly accepts us if we simply “come home to His love” as the prodigal son learned.

So with all the foregoing having been said, I encourage you Chet (and everyone else who may read this) to enjoy being a “new creature in Christ” with all of the weight of sin having been lifted.

Stanna Michelle

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